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  • Screen Printing by Marquina
  • All Phase Electric Motors

Screen Printing by Marquina
  • I crafted the

Screen Printing by Marquina

With none of the currently available content management systems, I hand crafted a custom CMS for Screen Printing by Marquina.

Branding and Marketing

The first thing I do when working on a project is compose the brand and identity. With the Screen Printing by Marquina logo, I had a chance to visit their shop before hand and adapted the visual elements of their screens into the logo.

Primary Logo

All Phase Electric Motors
  • We crafted the

Everyone has a story worth telling. All Phase Electric Motors was just having a little difficulty sharing and clearly communicating theirs.

All Phase

Re-sparking a great business

All Phase Electric Motors is well known for driving more effective electric motor sales and helping local businesses -- like swimming pool servicers, building managers, and electric motor owners. But they were struggling with their website, personality, and some good old-fashioned smarts!

Brain power

As All Phase Electric Motors outgrew their previous site while growing as a company, a primary dilemma for them was communicating and structuring a site around two audiences: marketers and publishers. How did we help one company speak to two groups of people on one website? With some good old-fashioned brainstorming, clever copy, and site re-structuring. But we then discovered that people are at their best when they use both sides of their brain. So by focusing less on the audiences and more on the benefits to each, All Phase Electric Motor grew even smarter.

Communicating the benefits

One of the main problem areas we diagnosed with their old site was lack of communication to understand what All Phase Electric Motors did and how it would benefit its users. Great companies like USA Today and US Weekly were already using All Phase Electric Motors, but we helped them answer the “How can I benefit?” and gave them the results, too.

The proof is in the pudding

The case studies allowed All Phase Electric Motors to share their clients' statistics. (Mmmm, did someone say pudding?!)

The Neend for Steed

The Need for Steed

The Steedicons icon set – created by the talented hand illustrator Kyle Steed – happened to exude the charisma Outbrain was asking for. The nerdy – nerd is the new cool, if you haven’t heard – icons aided in visually communicating Outbrain’s story. They were the tape to Amelia’s glasses, and the wits behind the smarts.

Beauty Brains

We crafted an experience that not only looked good on the outside, but had the smarts to back it up

I craft digital experiences that reshape, rethink, and redefine my clients to
their users. I focus on the right details in the right places – and leave the unnecessary behind.

Further more

I set out in 2008 seeking fulfillment in my work and personal life: to make a positive impact, explore my curiosities, work with great clients, and have the freedom to influence the web and its future.

Each day, these commitments drive me to create more enjoyable and meaningful experiences.

What to expect

If you needed your website by yesterday, I'm not the best match for you.

Great design takes time. My best work evolves from rigorous thinking, detailed implementation, thorough testing, and consistent collaboration. Plus, I have fun doing it; good fun takes time, too.

I'll be straightforward, communicative, and educational – and you'll be delighted with the end-result. I guarantee it.

I craft these services

  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Design & Visual Direction
  • Interaction Design
  • iOS App Design
  • CMS Integration
  • Copywriting
  • Information Architecture
  • Front-End Development
  • Multi-Screen Design
  • iOS Icon Design
  • Marketing Collateral

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